Here are some of the activities you can do while staying in our rooms.

What you can expect

1. Sailing
In Nikiti you can rent a sailing boat with a captain. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the joy of sailing and get in touch with the air, the sea and the sun. The serene seas and deserted beaches create the ideal conditions for a sailing boat cruise.
2. Scuba Diving in Sithonia
In Sithonia and Nikiti, there are many diving schools that offer diving opportunities. Experienced instructors coordinate activities for children and entertainment lessons. There is also the possibility to rent or sell diving equipment.
3. Cruise to Mount Athos
Departure from Ormos Panagias or Ouranoupolis by cruise ship to Mount Athos. Enjoy your quiet route to Mount Athos and see the unique monasteries of Mount Athos. Meet the interesting events of Greek culture and history associated with this place and enjoy the deep blue of the Aegean and the golden shores.
4. Wine tourism
Enjoy Halkidiki through a trip to its flavors and wines. Visit the vineyards and wineries of the area and see up close the grape harvest and the methods of wine production. On the slopes of Mount Meliton, in Sithonia, Halkidiki, the historic vineyard of "Porto Carras" spreads amphitheatrically to 4,750 acres.