“Helios, my Sun, let me shine in the echo of your gold light”

Asimina Suites is a state-of-the-art small hotel. Modern building with a beautiful garden and integrated all the modern comforts that ensure the quality of your vacation. Here, amongst 12 apartments, the past, present and to an extent the future are seamlessly merged in a celebration of this fabled Greek escape.

What you can expect

1. Hygiene
In this day and age, hygiene standards have become more important than ever before. Upon arrival you will find a spotlessly clean apartment, with all touch surfaces thoroughly sanitized, ready to welcome you.
2. Comfort
Even for the most frequent traveller, every journey that takes you away from home is tiring. From the choice of furniture to amenities, we’ve drawn on our own travel experience to offer you accommodation that will allow you to simply kick off your shoes and relax.
3. Service
We believe in person-to-person contact and service. If you need any information about Chalkidiki, or any support during your stay, contact us in advance and we will try our best to offer assistance in any way we can.
4. Commitment
We’re in the business for the long game. By maintaining high standards of hygiene, comfort and service, we enjoy the invaluable reward of guest loyalty, as both business and holiday travellers make Asimina Suites their base for regular visits.